Note: Kindly Read All Policies About Pak Ads Before Buying Any Service.

What Is The Minimum Deposit Limit ?

You can not deposit money less then 1000 in your account if you need minimum deposit in your google ads account then you have to send us 1150 and we will send your 1000 in your google ads account after taking our 15% Fee.

Note: You Have To Pay 500 Extra Charges For One Time For Your New Google Ads Account. 


How Much Time Do You Need To Deposit Money In Google Ads Account ?

Pak Ads need 10 minutes to deposit money in your account. 


What If Our Account Get Suspended ?

If your account get suspended for payment reason then first we try to recover your account but if by any chance your account did not recover then we refund your balance according to our policies.


How Much Time Pak Ads Take To Refund Your Money ?

It will take 90 days to refund you balance.


Is There Any Fee On Refund ? 

Yes you will received 60% less money from the available balance.

 NoteAfter 5-jan-2024 You Can Not Apply For Refund With Any Reason

How Long I Can Used My Google Ads Account ? 

You can used your google ads account lifetime as long you regularly open your google ads account.

 NoteYou Have To Open Your Google Ads Account Atleast Once In Last 30 Day. If You Did Not Used Your Account In The Peried If 30 Day Your Google Ads Get Removed And It's Not Rrecoverable And No Refund Apply On This Account. 

Can I Get My Promotion Money Back ? 

You can not get your youtube promotion money back if we start working on your channel.

But for some reason if your channel did not show any type of progress in 48 hours after you send us money then you can clam your full money back.


Can I Stop My Promotion In Half ? 

No you can not stop promotion if he start working in your channel.


What Is Pak Ads Mini Deposit Package ?

If you need deposit of 600 in your account then you have to send us 1200 for mini deposit and after take 500 extra fee and 15% deposit fee we will send 600 in your google ads account.