What is Pak Ads?

Pak Ads provide deposit service for google ads.

For Example: If you want to run google ads on YouTube videos /Website/Apps and you have no credit card or debit card that support intentional payment than we can deposit money in your google ads account and you can send us money with easypaisa or jazz cash.

Is There Any Charges For Cash Deposit?

Yes Pak Ads charge 10% fees on total balance.

For Example: If you need 1000 deposit in your account than you have to pay 1100 to Pak Ads and you will received 1000 complete in you google ads account.

Same goes when you need 2000 pkr deposit you have to send us 2200 and so on....

Do We Have To Provide Pak Ads Our Gmail Id With Password?

No Pak Ads does not required you password all we need your gmail address.

What Are The Payment Options?

You can send us money with easypaisa jazz cash or bank account.

Once you send us money all you have to do provide us your gmail address and when we conform your payment we create your google ads account and make your deposit.

What Happened If We Need Deposit Again In Same Account?

When we create your google ads account we add you account payment process in out payment server.

So when you need more deposit in same account you can fill payment form and we will give you more deposit in same account.

What Is The Minimum Requirement On Google Ads Deposit?

Minimum deposit requirement is 1000 pkr you have to send us 1100pkr and u will received 1000pkr complete in you google ads account.

But for some reason If you send us 1000 Pkr than we will give 900 Pkr in you google ads account.

Same goes if you send us 2000 Pkr than you will received 1800 Pkr In your google ads account.

And same goes on.....

How Much Do We Earn From Sponsorship?

Its all depend on your channel reputation and views quality.

Once we approved your channel on qualified list than our manager decided how much money you will gt for your sponsorship.

Does My Account Have Some Time Limit?

Yes there is some limits on your account.

For Example: You have to deposit 30k in your account in 30 days or at least make 1 minimum deposit in your account with in 24 hours.

And if you don't make any deposit in your account in 24 hours after we create your new account we will unlink your account from our payment server.